White Whale

White Whale Bold Mixers blend exotic juices and garden-fresh herbs to create strong, spirit-forward cocktails that delight the palate and conjure prohibition-era sophistication without any of the pretension.

Mix White Whale with the recommended spirit, add a garnish, and your place is the hottest speakeasy in town.


In the heart of South, Dave Staples and Corey Mason embarked on a mission:  to create a unique line of cocktail mixers using only exotic juices and garden-fresh herbs. These mixers would make strong, spirit-forward cocktails that would delight both casual drinkers and cocktail connoisseurs.

White Whale Bold Mixers was born.  With White Whale, making a unique and delicious cocktail is simple.  Just mix one ounce of White Whale with two ounces of the recommended spirit and garnish as instructed.

Our ingredients are simple, too. This ain’t your mama’s neon green corn syrup bomb of a cocktail mixer, my friend. Each White Whale Bold Mixer is a masterfully crafted blend of herbs and all-natural juices that are organic whenever possible.  

Every bottle of White Whale makes 8 cocktails that are always natural, always balanced, and never cloying.

Fashioned with Southern Love in Durham, North Carolina. 

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