Playgrounds separated by age groups:

The purpose of separating playgrounds with age differences is to prevent the risk of harm to children. Therefore, when using the instructions, the play areas must be designed according to the age difference. Therefore, a playground that should be designed for 2 to 5-year-olds should have a separate program compared to a playground for children between 5 and 12 years old. They need to think not only about their age but also how long they use the device. You also need to think about their abilities. A playground for very young children should have equipment that is very simple and interactive instead of complicated and adventurous.

The best playgrounds have activities for children of all ages. However, designing a playground in this way can make young children engage in activities that are too big for them. Therefore, it is good to separate the activities from a distance between the forest halls to keep the children big and small in the activities that are best for them. Playgrounds designed for older children may also include exercise components similar to a bodybuilding track, posters showing children how to use exercise equipment.

Playground equipment

The playground should be designed for the children’s age group. Proper placement of equipment and larger open spaces helps minimize the risk of injury. We must not forget that an excellent playground is a combination of entertainment and safety and, in its absence, can be very harmful and dangerous for children. There is some of the equipment that makes an amazing playground for kids. Slides, ladders, climbing rods, high platforms, swings, jungle gyms, and sandboxes are some of the most common play equipment.

The type of equipment depends a lot on the age group of the playground. Therefore, age-appropriate equipment must be kept on the playground for children to enjoy. Today, most playgrounds are located in a designed play area. Such levels should ensure the safety of children. To produce such surfaces, different materials are used that are much more sensitive compared to harder materials such as concrete. Such surfaces are very useful in reducing damage and act as an adsorbent in the event of a collision. Creating the right playground also depends on how you use it. H – Commercial or private