Powerball: everything you need to know!

At first glance, it may seem like a toy for children, rather than a training tool. However, Powerball has very important potential and offers enormous benefits in terms of physiotherapy and muscle strengthening. It is the result of a fantastic union between innovation, science, and technology: elements that have combined the use of a sports instrument with incredible benefits for well-being. And if you add some fun to use, training becomes natural and simple.






The Powerball (also called synergetic) is composed of a sphere that houses a gyroscope, a technologically advanced system. This gymnastic instrument the size of a tennis ball has a transparent casing, polycarbonate. In practice, it is an asymmetrical body that rotates on its axis in the opposite direction to the one we give to the ball. The device features a disc and joint system that allows for a rotating effect on a precise axis while allowing movement. Thanks to this, whatever the position of the sphere, the rotation of the gyroscope does not alter or block its action until it is countered.






More and more physiotherapists and health professionals are focusing on studying the possible benefits and uses of the Powerball. As we will see below, it is an excellent device for physiotherapy and muscle rehabilitation and is increasingly used by kinesiologists. Its main function, in these terms, is to contribute to the rehabilitation of the muscles and joints of the hand, wrist, forearm, shoulder, or elbow. Finally, the Powerball turns out to be very effective for the recovery of neuromuscular efficiency in these areas. The many connections of the brain with the different muscles produce the strength and movement necessary to provide stability to the hands and arms.


Fun is guaranteed


The Power Ball undoubtedly arouses curiosity and incentivizes a quick recovery. The exercises with these devices are more amazing than the typical rehabilitation exercises that are usually performed for the hands and arms.